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There's a usual way to get your video done. Hire a big downtown consultant and then they hire a video company  and the game of telephone begins. Your message gets watered down as the intern at the video company is scrambling to get something done in the last minute.

We at WinPower do it differently. We have an in-house creative team that has been working with your campaign from the beginning. We ensure all creative seamlessly dovetail with the overall composition and the narrative of the campaign.

Direct Mail

Campaigns are about telling stories. Our direct mail is designed as a piece of the broader narrative of the campaign.

We have a team of in-house designers, in-house photographers and in-house vendor management so your mail is timely, effective and ensures that your story is told the right way.

Digital Advertising

The electorate is changing. By 2022, more millennials will vote than baby boomers. We need to meet millennials where they spend their time. Online.

We are seasoned with five years of digital advertising experience on all platforms. We continually update our online skill set to be ready for the fast-paced changes in technology. 

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