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Targeting, Creative, and GIS Mapping

We'd love to work with you.

WinPower Strategies is a Washington State progressive Democratic consulting firm based in South King County. For many consultants, the goal is to help powerful people stay powerful. We see our role much differently. The mission of WinPower Strategies is to give power to the diverse voices that are underrepresented. However, we are not just about giving progressive, diverse people a seat at the table.

It is about expanding the table and changing the rules.

Like so many of you, we believe that politics in America is broken. It is defined by transactionalism and money. At it's best, we believe the government should be building community by providing educational opportunities, ensuring that the rules are fair, and by providing a safety net so when people fall through the cracks they can get back on their feet.


We work to elect leaders who believe in community over transaction.

As a company, we strive to be the most representative consulting firm in the state. We believe our role in political and public relations campaigns goes beyond providing paid communication. We bring targeting, field organizing, coalition building, grassroots engagement, civic engagement, GOTV operations, GIS Mapping, and public relations. 

And we are unique because every one of our consultants has a background in community organizing. 

We're excited about the changes we are starting to see in American politics. We are excited to see grassroots movements, diverse communities organizing, and progressive voices speak out. We are proud to be part of those efforts and we would love to work with you to enact bold, progressive social change. 

Let's get to work. 

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